Corporate Profile


Leader In Food Waste Management

ECO-WIZ Group Pte Ltd is one of the world’s leading food waste management companies. Our success is driven by our team’s committment to discovering and applying innovative technologies, executing with excellence and seizing new opportunities for profitable growth. Founded in 2010, we have established a strong market base in Asia.

Our Expertise

We specialize in helping organizations develop on-site food waste management solutions. With our experience in this industry and a wide customer base, we are well equipped to looking to work with any organization to reduce their food waste tonnage and improve the sanitation of their waste disposal processes.

Partnership And Opportunity

We are currently partnered with numerous government organizations, professors, and Universities in developing new breakthroughs in food waste management technologies. The knowledge we have gathered in this domain puts us at the forefront of the food waste recycling industry. Also, we have distribution channels in 11 different countries, putting us in an advantageous position to capture global demand.


Given our knowledge and expertise, we actively seek to educate communities of the need to be environmentally conscious as well as they role they can play in creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

“I am very impressed with Eco-Wiz Group's capabilities in providing on-site food waste processing which addresses the current environmental issues and am looking forward to work with them to develop on this technology and bringing it up to the next level of excellence.”

--- Representative of Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research TISTR