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Eco-WizTM: Moving Towards A Zero Waste Nation!

Corporate Profile
Formerly known as Eco-Wiz when it was founded in 2010, the company evolved into a dynamic business entity with the integration of food waste management technology to its client base and having fully achieved significant market presence in the waste management industry. The company is now known as Zero Waste Solution Pte Ltd which was incorporated in 2018 with profound business structure and patented technology for food waste and general waste management.
Our technology for onsite and offshore digestion of all food waste within 24 hours into recycle water or fertilizer has helped to provide an eco-friendlier environment. In today’s practice, the storage of on-site food waste attracts vermin and requires the waste to be transported to incinerators or landfills. With this advanced technology, it eliminates this process, and reduces waste going to incinerators and landfills, thus revolutionizing the waste management industry, and reducing carbon emissions.
Our proven technology has helped us become the preferred choice for partnerships with the Government Sectors and other private companies as well. To ensure we are leading the market, we are always working on new product developments with our R&D team in Singapore. With constant product improvements, we strive to be the leader in the food waste-management industry.

Eco-WizTM On-Site Waste Recycling Solutions:

Self-contained on-site continuous feed food waste disposal system that converting food waste into recycled water or liquid nutrient Converting food waste into fertilizer or compost Converting general waste into RDF and compost without segregation
Passing household food waste to ecoDigester through an in-sink grinder Automated food waste transportation system

Meet Our Team

↓ Our Leadership Team ↓

Mrs. Renee Mison / CEO

Founder of Eco-Wiz. A seasoned and experienced entrepreneur with 23 years of experience. She has been awarded the “Great Woman of Our Time” in the field of Science and Technology from The Singapore Women’s Weekly magazine.

In March 2016, she was named Outstanding ASEAN Women Entrepreneur 2015 by the ASEAN Women Entrepreneurship Network (AWEN).

Mr. Ricky Fang / COO


↓ Our Sales and Marketing Team ↓

Mr. Max Yeo / Sales Manager

Mr. CK Chai / Sales Manager

Ms. Peggy Teoh / Marketing Executive


↓ Our Engineering and Production Team ↓

Mr. Francis Toh / Engineering Manager

Mr. Manoj Abraham / Chief Designer

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