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Eco-WizTM: Moving Towards A Zero Waste Nation!

Corporate Profile

We are one of the world’s leading onsite food waste management companies. Our success is driven by our team’s committment to developing and applying innovative technologies, executing with excellence and seizing new opportunities for profitable growth. Founded in 2010, we have established a strong market base in Asia.

Our Expertise

We specialize in helping organizations develop on-site food waste management solutions. With our experience in this industry and a wide customer base, we are well equipped to looking to work with any organization to reduce their food waste tonnage and improve the sanitation of their waste disposal processes.

Eco-Wiz addresses the generally very low recycling ratio of food waste, handles and process food waste at source to produce reusable resources, reducing the transportation of food waste to incineration plant which eliminate the production of greenhouses gases and other environmental effects of food waste.

Eco-Wiz Mission

We have listened closely to the needs of our local and international clients - providing solutions through consultancy and our revolutionary products.

As leaders of this industry, we believe that it is our responsibility to empower individuals to play their part in going green. We aim to educate today’s generation that our children will either suffer or flourish based on our choices today.

Eco-Wiz Vision
Given our knowledge and expertise, we actively seek to educate communities of the need to be environmentally conscious as well as they role they can play in creating a sustainable future for generations to come.
Partnership and Opprtunity
We are currently partnered with numerous government organizations, professors, and Universities in developing new breakthroughs in food waste management technologies. The knowledge we have gathered in this domain puts us at the forefront of the food waste recycling industry. Also, we have distribution channels in 11 different countries, putting us in an advantageous position to capture global demand.

The clients of Eco-Wiz benefit from these completed on-site technologies that are economically and environmentally sustainable, reducing labor cost, eliminating the need for on-site storage solutions, off-site discharge transportation, off-site anaerobic digestion and landfill needs.

In over the years, we have successfully grown and established themselves with over 70 installations locally and over 50 installations overseas. Eco-Wiz market leadership is reflected by an 85% share of the local market, the strong support and stewardship provided by the Singaporean government, promoting its solutions, both locally and overseas. Currently, we recycles a total of 36 tons of food waste daily and strives to continue to educate and influence others to embark on this recycling program.
Given our knowledge and expertise, we actively seek to educate communities of the need to be environmentally conscious as well as they role they can play in creating a sustainable future for generations to come.
Our Global Network
We are committed to building an active and productive community of partners across a diverse set of industries jointly working together to market leading innovative waste management solutions.

Eco-WizTM On-Site Waste Recycling Solutions:

Self-contained on-site continuous feed food waste disposal system that converting food waste into recycled water or liquid nutrient Converting food waste into fertilizer or compost Converting general waste into RDF and compost without segregation
Passing household food waste to ecoDigester through an in-sink grinder Automated food waste transportation system

Meet Our Team

~Our Leadership Team~

Mrs. Renee Mison / CEO

Founder of Eco-Wiz. A seasoned and experienced entrepreneur with 23 years of experience. She has been awarded the “Great Woman of Our Time” in the field of Science and Technology from The Singapore Women’s Weekly magazine.

In March 2016, she was named Outstanding ASEAN Women Entrepreneur 2015 by the ASEAN Women Entrepreneurship Network (AWEN).


Mr. Ricky Fang / COO

Chief Operating Officer

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~Our Sales and Marketing Team~

Mr. Max Yeo / Sales Manager

Taking care of sales activities in Eco-Wiz. He is a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering specialised in gasification and has 8 years of sales experience in construction & HVAC industry.

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Mr. CK Chai / Sales Manager

Sales Manager

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Ms. Tina Lee / Business Manager-Korea

Business Manager of Korea.

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Ms. Peggy Teoh / Marketing Executive

Marketing Executive

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~Our Design Team~

Mr. Manoj Abraham / Chief Designer

Chief Designer

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~Our Engineering Team~

Mr. Francis Toh / Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager

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Mr. Tee / Engineering Supervisor

Engineering Supervisor

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Mr. Yeow / Mechanic


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Mr. Velu / Assistant Service Engineer

Assistant Service Engineer

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Mr. Navin / Service Technician

Service Technician

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Mr. Aravind / Service Technician

Service Technician

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Mr. Wang Kang / Service Technician

Service Technician

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~Our Production Team~

Mr. Dennis Lim / Production cum Engineering Manager

Production cum Engineering Manager

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Ms. Adeline Toh / Purchasing Executive


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Mr. Tan / Machinist Supervisor

Machinist Supervisor

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Mr. Chee Han Wei / Welder


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Mr. Bernard Ang / PLC Programmer

PLC Programmer.

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Mr. Lee / Electrician


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Mr. Daniel Yeo / Electrician


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