ecoComposter - Converting food waste into fertilizer or compost


The ecoComposter is a self-sufficient food waste management system that converts food waste into compost.

The compost, a rich, sweet-smelling, soil-like substance increases the health of your soil with nutrients that are easily absorbed by plants’ roots.

The ecoComposter uses a natural process to convert food waste into compost.By manipulating the environment in the ecoComposter, we are able to rapidly speed up the composting process.

Eco-Wiz Microbial Additive

Enzyme-enhanced microbial technology gives us the biological tools necessary for improving organic waste management.

The liquefaction of organic waste associated with food waste is improved and waste degradation is sped up. This is done by introducing specialised and naturally-occurring microorganisms with enhanced degradation capabilities into the Eco-Wiz® system.

Eco-Wiz® products work with a Microbial Additive that is specially designed and produced by our team of Bio Scientists. This additive contains a powdered blend of organisms blended with crude enzymes and emulsifiers specifically designed to digest and deodorise organic wastes.

Microbial additive is classified as BIO-Safety Level 1, making it completely safe for Human and animal contact.