ecoGen - Recycling general waste into Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) without need for segregation

Executive summary

The Eco-Wiz ecoGen is an advanced biotechnology solution to ease the operations with no segregation needed. By using our proprietary technology, we can turn organic waste (food and horticulture waste) into compost or both organic and general waste can be pelletized into Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) where zero waste target can be achieved. The system capacity is ranging from 500kg to 50 tons. 


Capabilities of ecoGen High-efficiency Digester System

  • With the ecoGen High-efficiency Digester system, the organic and general waste can be processed into high quality organic compost or can be pelletized into RDF

    The organic and general waste with about 50-80% moisture is mixed with microbes in ecoGen

  • Under automated aeration and temperature control, the digested output would become organic compost and reduced general waste can be further pelletized, packed, and used as RDF

  • Depending on needs, the organic compost can be used directly into plantation, or blended with chemical compost to create specialty compost for farmers to achieve long-term soil fertility and costs savings

  • While the ongoing batch is in process, new batch of digestion process can be started concurrently to achieve 24-hour continuous production

  • The whole process is efficient, clean, and highly automated



  • Organic and general waste can be processed together without any segregation
  • Rapid conversion of organic and general waste to organic compost and RDF within 24 hours process cycle.
  • Usage of organic compost improves soil health and fertility by increasing the amount of organic matter in soil
  • Environment-friendly process without offensive smell and secondary pollutions
  • Energy and space efficient
  • User friendly with simple PLC system
  • Highly automated and consistent process
  • Promote environment sustainability
  • Moving towards a zero-waste nation